About Us

Intelli5 is a full-service IT Consulting and Advisory Firm based out of Montreal, Canada. With our client-focused approach based on previous experience, we strive to maximize our team's output with customized coaching to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.


Founded in 2016 in Montreal, Intelli5 provides permanent and temporary staffing services to the biggest firms in the IT and Finance fields in Canada. We are committed to offer both our clients and candidates a fully personalized approach, total transparency and reliability. We believe that going the extra mile is what makes a difference in our recruiting process and differenciates us in a very competitve industry.

IT Consultancy

Are you a consultant looking for a motivating and fulfilling mandate? We can help you connect with major firms in Quebec and find a challenge tailored to your profile and skills. If you are new to consultation, our on-boarding process is designed to make the transition smooth by giving you the best advice, connecting you with the right resources and answering all your questions prior to the contract. We love working with highly incentivized individuals and we are committed to helping them broaden their skills and evolve in their environment and career.

permanent placement

Do you want to work in an environment where you can grow and advance your career? Intelli5 is there to help you find the right opportunity. Having earned the trust of national and international leaders in the IT and Finance industries, we can negotiate the best package for you and make the interview process as simple and easy as it can be. We are committed to guide and mentor you through your job search by sharing our extensive experience and knowledge of the field.
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